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THe Story

 neroli started december 2000 in a little shop on neve-tsedek's main street, the vision of two sisters who understood that making a change went through good health for them and their surroundings..

That little gem grew bigger every year, and with the addition of a juice bar (the natural result of a 70 days juice fast), the idea of a bigger neroli became clear.

14 years later neroli copied its location to the historical corner of Lilienblum and Rishonim streets (where in the 1930's Cinema-eden silent-movie-goers would come for a sweet-soda) 

Neroli is now a beautiful place to eat and shop.

You might usuallly meet the owners when visiting us : Tamar and Yann met between the walls of Neroli and still infuse it with their passion for health, healthfoods and mother earth. the people that work here are of the same brew, committed to be the change they want to see in the world


it is so easy to use new wood when building : the logs are straight, the boards uniform, the wood is clean and untouched. 


the process of using recycled wood includes finding it (in street corners, garbages, landfills, demolition sites) and then towing it (usually on one's shoulder). Revealing its true nature demands a strenuous process of polishing it by hand with discs. 

the art created on the wood fibers by time and the elements is the reward for the energy invested.

We used as many of the materials that were left behind by precedent residents as possible, used only degradable, water based coating materials, and did our best to purchase second-hand appliances.


Our continuing vision of sustainability applies now to the compostable cups and cutlery used in the kitchen, encouraging the use of boxes and tote bags (by implementing  a 1 shequel-fee on disposable shopping bags), and using only low voltage lighting in all of the store's fixtures.

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